Media Relations

Every one of our clients has a unique set of stories to tell. Our job is to find those stories, translate them into media-worthy messages and align those stories with precisely the media outlets read and watched by our clients’ audiences. Effective media relations spreads news, sells products, books room nights and builds reputations.

Special Events

Celebrations, grand openings, product launches – the milestones are many but the occasions must be memorable. And, of course, newsworthy. TBG acts as a partner to our clients conceiving, planning and executing special events designed to commemorate, celebrate and generate headlines.


TBG has been sought out by a variety of clients that exclusively service the high net worth sector. Through a combination of understanding the luxury voice, crafting intelligent and assertive communications and generating substantive exposure via media and marketing avenues (press outlets, industry events, networking, awards, etc.) we have helped businesses literally create a luxury niche for themselves.


Press/Fam Trips

A picture is worth a thousand words. An experience is worth a million. Bringing valuable media to experience the unique attributes our hospitality clients offer delivers strong results in press exposure, positive word of mouth and social media buzz. No spaghetti at the wall – we work exclusively with vetted, proven journalists who work in media relevant to our client’s needs. We hold hands – both the press and the clients. Experiences are extraordinary and results driven. 


Whether it is internal communications or external promotions, TBG can conceptualize, design, create content and manage the process of a newsletter calendar. We ensure consisting branding, engaging copy and strong messaging. 

Social Media

TBG’s social media team creates strategic social media programs that elevate visibility, build followings, encourage engagement and establish personality. We communicate socially with authentic, relevant and concise messaging that tells stories utilizing crafted, original content that cuts through the chatter.


Media Training

Not all CEO’s are interview ready. TBG educates our executives on both the opportunities and the pitfalls of taking center stage. We help companies and individuals craft their messages, understand the media landscape, identify who to talk to and when and create communication platforms that are company-consistent but situation-specific. 

Crisis Management

To fail to plan is to plan to fail! We can’t know exactly what the future holds but there is a well understood path to taking communications precautions. We help clients consider all the possible crisis scenarios and create a step by step approach along with approved messaging for appropriate spokespersons in advance. When a crisis does arrive, we are at our client’s side, advising, supporting and messaging with insight, understanding and tact. 


Sometimes the answer eludes us. Brainstorming is more than throwing ideas on the table. Structured idea generation can bring not only answers to dilemmas that we see, but can open up new and exciting conversations.


Desk-Side Tours

Seeing is believing. Sometimes it only takes a few face to face minutes to move the needle so getting in front of a journalist can be the tipping point. It is also a critical factor in creating relationships and opening doors. TBG frequently takes our clients’ shows on the road. We bring visuals, tastes, samples – whatever it takes – and presents them to busy, top tier press. Our NY office brings clients around to some of the most desirable media outlets in the world. 

Collateral Development

TBG works hand in hand with extraordinary design and branding partners. Together we execute on message, brand-appropriate collateral that supports our clients’ marketing, sales and promotional needs. 

Manage/Style Photo Shoots

Excellent photography is critical to so much of what we do – social media, press relations, marketing and more. But not every photograph suits all needs. Our talented on-staff stylist oversees personal, interior photo food and product shoots so the end result produces art that serves specific needs. 

Case Studies